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Home Schooling A South African Story

I first came face to face with the idea of home schooling while on holiday with my husband and our two young daughters some 18 years ago.  I met a home schooler for the first time – a young girl in her teens whose parents worked at the resort where we were staying. She made a very good impression: mature, confident and pleasant. I still couldn’t imagine how a parent could take all the responsibility for their children’s education!  My first thoughts were: “Never! – this is not for me”.

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Aim of the book

The aim of the book is to serve as an encouragement to people considering home-schooling as well as to veteran home-schooling parents, providing insight into a wide spectrum of home-schooling styles and approaches.

What about Matric? What if I want to send my child back to school? Will my child be prepared for the ‘real world’? What about Socialisation? Magda Faul answers these questions and more, sharing the testimonies of veteran home schoolers, mainly from the Southern Cape, who have gone on to succeed at university, entrepreneurial endeavours, parenthood and life in general.

The book is not only for parents who decide to officially home-school their children, but also for parents in general, and for that matter, any one with an interest in education and family life.

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“With Magda’s honest and open-hearted approach and it’s wide spectrum of testimonies, both from parents and children, this book will equip you with necessary information as well as enrich you with a wide variety of perspectives and ideas on this exciting and most satisfying journey which is home schooling. An easy and entertaining read recommended to all existing and aspiring home schooling families.”

Wilna Dekker, Home School Mom, Sedgefield

“Fast, easy read! Focus on heart and home not on curriculum, but finding your groove. Loved all the positive stories from families and grown home schooled children. A great resource. Good job!”

Marijke van Essen Crafford

Easy-to-read enjoyable book with lots of interesting contributions from families who have finished the home schooling journey. It challenges the ‘schooling’ paradigm all over again!

Willemien Kruger, Home School mom & curriculum developer, Oudtshoorn

A real page-turner

Melt Louw, Science and Maths Tutor, George

We are enjoying reading your book

Bev Brodrick, Home School Mom, George

It gets your attention from the beginning. A well-written book

Roxanne Evans, Home School Mom, George

I just completed this read. South Africa needs to read it!

Belinda Weber, SELA

This book is an amazing read, I could not put it down! If you are thinking of homeschooling and feel overwhelmed with so many different curriculums to choose from, this book gives a brief summary of the different teaching methods and resources for each. It also highlights why homeschooling is so important, as it’s part of something that produces a well-balanced, well-disciplined and thinking out the box adult. I highly recommend this book.

Marion Newman, review for Christian Liberty Press

This book is written to help you and to give you a practical understanding of the why’s and how’s of home schooling, particularly in South Africa. A delightful read, it not only is filled with the most frequently asked questions and most common doubts, but also has more real-life stories, creative tried-out approaches and successful testimonies to answer them with. It is hard to walk away from the book not feeling encouraged and empowered.

Dr Ami Muller , medical doctor and home schooling mom

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